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About Palouse Winery

Palouse Winery

George & Linda Kirkish are the heart of Palouse Winery. After running an airline and a contracting business, raising four children, and living life to the fullest on Vashon Island, George & Linda decided that the time had come to take their drive for excellence and art in a new direction.


In the fall of 2003, they metaphorically set off into the wild by buying half a ton of Cabernet Franc grapes from the Portteus Vineyard, high on the hillside above the Yakima Valley in Rattlesnake Hills. That first small batch ignited a passion for wine making and determined the course of their future.


With expert guidance & regular classes at UC Davis’s oenology program, they grew their expertise, along with their grape purchases, until in early 2005 Palouse expanded into the present day location on Vashon Island’s north end. Here they currently produce 1,400 cases of handcrafted wine a year, each vintage more stunning than the last.


2016 production

Barrel Tasting 11.18