Palouse | Vashon Island
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Vashon Island

About Vashon Island

Vashon Island – so close, but a world apart. Spend enough time on Vashon Island and you will come to realize that you have uncovered a place beyond expectations, a place that welcomes the unpretentious yet embraces the finer things of life.


Vashon’s dichotomous lifestyle juxtaposes a rural, and some say “quirky” charm with that of a sophisticated, and we dare say… haute, art, wine and cuisineculture. It’s not uncommon to tour the island’s local farm stands enjoying artisan bread, organic produce and award winning wine while catching the gaze of quizzical alpacas.


Once on the island, rolling hills, pastoral pastures and sanctuaries of towering firs, hemlock and madrona welcome your intrepid adventures, whether by foot, hoof,tire or daddy’s shoulders you are free to roam. When the mysteries of Vashon’s hinterlands have been sufficiently solved, the saltwater shorelines, buttressed by never ending jams of seasoned driftwood, offer spectacular Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier and Olympic Mountain vistas. Colorful starfish and a cornucopia of seashells await your discovery, but be sure to look towards the water as well, you may just spot an impish sea otter, swooping eagle or surfacing orca. For those who prefer to get off the beach and on the water the surrounding Sound provides ample opportunities for rowing, kayaking, sailing, yachting and fishing.


When replenishment is needed, Vashon is well situated to satisfy your mind, body and soul. Vashon is a renowned artist’s (of all persuasions) haven. Just as nearly renowned is Vashon’s abundance of organic edibles which are readily available via farmers markets and stands, grocers, as well as fine and casual dining establishments. One’s soul can easily become satiated with such offerings as live music, readings, theatre, and garden tours.

So what are you waiting for? Vashon Island and Palouse Winery welcome you to come visit, come taste, come play, and come stay. Afterall, how often do your get to discover an enigma on the water that’s so easily available to you?


Click here to watch a great video about Vashon Island.


To complete your memorable journey to Vashon, contact any one of these fine guest cottages to make a reservation, and then enjoy the peace and slumber that awaits you. To see 30 places to Stay, click here. A few of our favorites are listed below.


View of Olympics from Vashon


Vashon lighthouse. Photo credit: David Irons