#Ebytank FAQ

How do I dress?

Dress code is garden party – think lots of color with a formal flair – and we encourage everyone to dress in a way that best affirms their gender.


Are children allowed?

We love your kiddos! The winery, however, isn’t the best place for small people to enjoy themselves. We’re looking forward to enjoying the heck out of your break from the immediacy of parenting!


Where is Vashon Island?

Vashon Island is a located in the Salish Sea between West Seattle and the Kitsap Peninsula. The Fauntleroy ferry dock is a half hour drive from downtown Seattle, though you should always check traffic predictions! Ferries, though technically on a schedule, are notoriously unpredictable, so build in plenty of extra time.


Where Should I Stay?

We’ve bought out The Lodges on Vashon for the night before and night of our big party! It’s a gorgeous private space on the edge of downtown Vashon with sixteen standing units and a pavilion with games and fire pits. All you need to do is book your unit and pay!

You can also explore AirBnB or make it a daytrip. Take a look at “How Do I Get There” below for more information!



How Do I Book a Unit at the Lodges?


What you need:

    • Our dates: July 13-15th
    • Group booking code: b429268
    • The knowledge that Meadow units are closer to the pavilion while Courtyard units are farther away! If you like to call it a night early, then we suggest booking a Courtyard unit.

    It’s pretty easy! There are four types of units available, which you can see here. Scroll down past the map and plug in the correct dates next to the style of space that works best for you, which will take you to a booking page that looks completely full. Do not fret! To the right is a place to input our group booking code (b429268). If you have any difficulties, contact the Lodges! Feel free to leave a voicemail if they don’t pick up.


    How Do I Get There?

    PSA: There is no Uber or Lyft to speak of on the island.

    • If I’m Staying on the Island at the Lodges

    You’re hanging out for a few days! We recommend you rent a car or carpool. Welcome to the party, pal!

    • If I’m a Seattlite and Day Tripping

    We recommend you don’t drive. You’re in luck! Sarah has been commuting to this island for years, so we know all of the best ways to approach this. Let’s lay it out: Take an Uber/Lyft/C-Line to the Fauntleroy dock in West Seattle and walk on – it’s less expensive, walk-on passengers are guaranteed passage even though cars may not make it on, and we don’t want guests drinking and driving once everything is danced and done. The ferry crossing from Fauntleroy dock in West Seattle to Vashon is 15-20 minutes, which is just enough time to enjoy the breeze on the observation deck!

    The winery where our party is being held is roughly a two minute drive uphill from the dock. A shuttle will be waiting to take you to the winery and also back to the ferry dock when the party is winding down. Easy!

    We’ll post recommended boat crossings as the seasons change and the 2022 summer ferry schedule is released. Stay tuned!

    *As a note to our guests coming in from out of town: We don’t really recommend that you try to book lodgings off-island and come over day-of! The process is going to be tricky to navigate without prior experience, and we don’t want anyone getting lost or delayed. Island life is wonderful but also a bit inaccessible!


    • If I’m Staying on the Island with My Own Arrangements

    We recommend that you drive. Vashon is thirteen miles of well kept highway surrounded by old growth forest, winding trails, hills, hobby farms, pastures, and the Salish Sea. We once stayed at an AirBnB where we parked on the shoulder of a drop off and walked down seventy-odd steps to get to waterfront property, which is to say that the ways of island rentals can be mysterious. Be kind to yourself and book ASAP!

    As the most carefree of options, there are campgrounds with yurts and teepees! Take a look.


    • If I Live on the Island

    You know what to do!

    Let us know if you have any other questions!