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2018 "Ahh!" Syrah

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Silver Medal!
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Size: 750 ml
A question we're often asked is what exactly the specialty of the Washington wine industry is! This is a tricky one to answer because our state's complex geological history of racy glaciers and spitfire volcanos has left us a legacy of absolutely rocking terroir. While all wines reflect terroir, Syrah corners tightly, metaphorically speaking. This combined with the hot summer days and cool nights of Eastern Washington results in a wine with the ripe fruit flavors so typical of the New World style woven seamlessly into the structure and fresh, dense core of Old World vintages. You could definitely wave Syrah over your head as a Washington specialty. Give this a try with triple cream brie or whip together a wild mushroom risotto - you'll be thrilled! Gold Medal!

Varietal: Syrah

Vintage: 2018

Wine Type: Red